A game development community
in Manchester, New Hampshire

Game Assembly is a passionate group of video game developers who plan to transform New Hampshire into a hub for the video game industry. As part of this plan, GA has opened a space in which professionals, hobbyists and student developers can work side by side. GA is seeking support from local businesses and universities to help support work space, and developers to work along with us in our office in Manchester.

GA is committed to building
a game industry in New Hampshire. Here’s how:


NH game studios

We’re working side by side with new developers to share start up information and real industry experiences. Working together will allow start ups access to better technology, new resources, and fresh talent.


talent in the state

With no established community close by, NH developers often end up going out of state to find a solution for their needs. GA gives these developers a place to connect, without needing to leave their home state.


in game development

Students at local universities should be offered opportunities to learn from industry professionals; through internships, guest speakers, and mentoring, we want to give these new developers a network to grow in.

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