Our Office Space

Game Assembly offers a productive and enriching co-working environment: a unique game development workspace, operating out of the WBC Suites offices in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. We are always looking for area game developers to join our community, and help us build the New Hampshire game industry.

Membership Rates

Interested in working out of the Game Assembly space? We offer a monthly plan for long term members, or a day rate for drop ins. Members have 24/7 access to the office, and can make use of on-site amenities and services, including conference space, and secure storage for your work-related hardware. Folks working out of our space also have access to the kitchen and community area, including complimentary coffee and drinks.

Our workspace amenities are provided by WBC, and payments are also processed through them; more information on both can be found at their website.

Monthly Membership $150/month

Drop-In Pass $25/day

Game Assembly requires an interview process to work out of our office space. If you’re interested in working with us, or would like more information, we invite you to please contact us to discuss our availability and your needs.

Visiting GA

If you’re interested in visiting the office, we welcome you to get in touch; we are open during regular work hours on weekdays, and would be happy to meet with you. Arriving visitors should check in with WBC’s receptionist, who will be able to direct them to Game Assembly’s location within the building.

Code of Conduct

In the interest of making our office space as welcoming a place as possible for all of our members and guests, Game Assembly has established a code of conduct, to which we expect all office members to adhere. This covers office etiquette, and also a full set of guidelines that apply to all Game Assembly community spaces.

If you have had an issue in any part of our community, or with a Game Assembly member, please inform us right away.

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